Wood Partition

Wood Partition with Luxury European Oak Veneer

The veneer is a thin slice of real European oak. We select luxury veneers that have a pronounced texture and naturally differ in tone and texture.

Wood Partition with Stable MDF and Natural Veneer

Years of experience with solid wood revealed a number of problems, so we moved on to the most stable MDF that does not crack or buckle. In combination with natural veneer, a product is obtained that is indistinguishable from solid oak or other noble species.

Please note that the color of the products, the pattern / texture of the veneer may differ from those shown in the image, since the material is natural.


1. Our hidden fasteners and easy installation

2. For reliable and at the same time aesthetic fastening of rails, you can purchase Nordeca hidden fasteners, which are aluminum plates into which the rail snaps into place.

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