Installation and Instructions

Skandiwood Panels are Quick and Easy to Install

We have specially sorted the veneer so that it appears with small cracks and creases, because we want our acoustic panels to look natural. All our panels have dimensions 2400 x 600 mm. Given the planks and filch, the total thickness is 22 mm. You can install your acoustic panels with just a few tools, and with our installation instructions you will be safe throughout the process.

Our Panels May be Installed as on Ceilings and Walls

The panel is very flexible, it can be used both to create a beautiful end wall in the living room, behind the bar, and as a headboard in bedrooms. The options are endless. The panels have standard sizes, but they are very easy to cut to fit your particular project. You can install your acoustic panels with just a few tools, and with our installation instructions you will be safe throughout the process. Planks can be cut with a saw, and a felt with a knife.
Our acoustic panels will greatly enhance your sound environment. There is nothing worse than trying to talk in a room with poor acoustics. You may have experienced this on your own in restaurants, institutions, or schools. Good sound conditions are very important – especially at home. You can attenuate the sound in several ways, using rugs or drawings in the room to cover large empty spaces – but nothing beats the acoustic effects of our panel.(if you install mineral wool behind the panels, then this effect will be even more significant). Our acoustic panels are often used at home, where they not only remove reverberation, but also give the room a pleasant look. It is functional and decorative.
As you can see on the graph, the panels are most efficient on frequencies between 300 Hz and 2000 Hz, which covers a large spektrum. In reality that means, that the panels will dampen both high notes and deep sound. Loud speech and regular noise in the home will be in the frequency between 500 – 2,000 Hz, and as it can be observed on the graph is is right here acoustic panel is most efficient.
The sound test you see here is based on the acoustic panels mounted on a 45 mm stripwood with mineral wool behind the panels. This really makes a difference if you have bad acoustics in a room. In an office it can also be very useful to use, since a healthy sound environment will make employees happier and more effective. Research has also found that restaurants with good acoustics will make more revenue per guest, than those who has bad acoustics. In other words – creating a good sound environment is important for your health.
Bad acoustics are stress. Have you ever had a headache from exposure to too much noise? Use our acoustic panels to create a healthy sound environment for you, your employees, or your family. No noise – no stress. SOUND TEST – CLASS A.
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